Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Appear

According to a survey by the New York Times and Siena College, President Biden has a dismal job approval rating of only 33 percent.

This places him among the lowest-rated first-term presidents in the annals of American history. 64% of Democrats prefer another candidate in 2024.

No contemporary president has encountered more discontent in his own party in his first term. Only 13% of voters feel the U.S. is on the correct course, the fewest since the great depression.


Left-wing commentators couldn’t stop raving about Donald Trump’s poll numbers: “Donald Trump is unusually unpopular,” “Trump is officially the most widely disliked president since contemporary polling started in the 1930s.”

“It is his legacy,” etc. They would claim a president with such meager support had no right to initiate policy changes since he had no authority to do so. 

In today’s political climate, Democrats want their historically incompetent leader to use the reconciliation process to sign “transformative” laws and unilaterally reorganize the government of the United States.

Only contemporary liberalism believes in two sets of norms for politics.

National polls aren’t always reliable. Unpopularity counts. It is problematic for Democrats. It refutes the idea that the Democrat Party’s program is substantially more favorable and that Republicans who oppose it are undermining “democracy.”

The GOP should recall that job approval is assessed in a bubble. Biden beats Trump 44-41 in a New York Times/Siena College poll. Many disgruntled with Biden might never support a Republican.

On the other hand, this appears to be the only lesson that Democrats like Joe Scarborough have learned. 

All these unplanned and unjust occurrences have troubled the poor Biden, they claim. Yet, he still tops Trump, blissfully ignoring that Trump also had to cope with a once-in-a-century international epidemic and accompanying economic impacts from lockdowns.

It is interesting to watch partisans display delight about their overprotected candidate’s 44-41 polling average lead against a person convicted of sedition on almost every news station every day.

How do these figures look when Trump (or Ron DeSantis) reminds people about gas costs and 401(k)s before COVID?

Bad News For the Democrats

The left thinks topping a single poll means anything.

Siena’s final 2016 survey gave Clinton a 17-point lead. There’s no popular vote. Biden needs votes. In practically every topic and survey, the president is behind. This is not good news for Democrats, even if Biden wins reelection.

Nobody knows how Biden can improve. Democrats on social media self-soothe, believing circumstances will grow friendlier to the president. If Biden quit damaging the economy and gas, maybe. Indicators don’t predict a dramatic turnaround.

Biden’s argument for moderation, partly due to his age, has been destroyed. Two-thirds of Independents dislike him. Biden’s progressive discourse is unprincipled. No president, including Biden, can appease lefties until the Constitution is nullified.

Respondents in the New York Times/Siena College survey are concerned about Biden’s age, which likely means his ability.

The campaign and press hid Biden’s frail health in the 2020 election. In rare unscripted moments, the president appears incomprehensible. Many fear the president’s mental state won’t improve.