Biden’s Own ‘Mini-Bernie Sanders’ Messing Up Administration

In just a year, Biden has managed to cause huge crises in every major policy field.

Now, it turns out much of that is thanks to Sleepy Joe’s far-left Chief of Staff Ron Klain, according to insiders.

Klain Wants to Be Bernie Sanders

Much of the terrifying performance and mind-boggling problems of the Biden administration can actually be traced to Klain, indicates a report by Politico, citing sources from the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, Sanders is the actual author of Joe Biden’s communist-style “Build Back Better” spending package. He even wanted it to have an unimaginable $6 trillion price tag for American taxpayers.

Apparently, Ron Klain, a former lobbyist, is not much better than Sanders when it comes to communist extremism.

Meanwhile, Democrats are increasingly criticizing the White House, saying its key officers have become excessively “insular, rigid, and self-assured.”

One unnamed House Democrat is quoted as lambasting both Ronald Klain and his boss, Joe Biden.

According to the anonymous Democrat lawmaker, Sleepy Joe got elected since “we all thought” he could be “good at governing” by doing it “from the center” and working with Republicans.

Instead, Biden has failed miserably at that; much of the failure is attributed to the presence of Klain.

Klain Knows What Biden ‘Thinks’

Regardless of the growing intra-party criticism of Ron Klain’s doings, Biden himself doesn’t show any signs of considering replacing him.

This means the radical leftism and the horrible consequences that it has in store for America are only here to stay.

During his much touted, but eventually abysmal news conference on Wednesday, on the occasion of his first year in office, Empty Shelves Joe claimed he doesn’t exactly share the “socialist” ideology of Bernie Sanders.

Never mind that Biden has a doppelganger of Sanders’ as his chief of staff.

Biden also declared confidence in his team of caretakers at the White House, including Ron Klain.

Klain worked as Joe Biden’s chief of staff during his two terms as Barack Obama’s vice president; he also held the same job as the vice president’s chief of staff job under Al Gore in the late 1990s.

The report makes it clear that radical leftist Ron Klain has his defenders, such as Erskine Bowles, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff.

Clinton described the mini-Bernie Sanders as “steady and a strong leader” who knows what Biden “thinks.”

With 79-year-old Sleepy Joe’s “cognitive fitness” increasingly coming into question from half of Americans, according to recent polls, there is actually no doubt that key White House figures are increasingly steering the course of the Biden administration.

Their extremist “progressivism” and Marxism appears to be so problematic that even people inside the Democrat Party seem to be increasingly indignant over it.