Biden’s Latest Gaffe Makes Biggest Foreign Mess Yet on War With China

(TV snapshot from CSpan)

The latest gaffe by President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is a truly huge one. It involves 330 million Americans, 1.4 billion Chinese, and several billion other humans.

In a highly provocative act towards Communist China, Biden declared the United States was going to go to war with the Beijing communists in order to defend Taiwan.

Biden Strikes Down Successful Foreign Policy

Biden made that gaffe in the past. In fact, this is his third time. Although, this time, he blundered while on a visit to Japan, China’s old-time arch-enemy, further sparking Beijing’s ire.

In the early 1970s, under President Richard Nixon, American diplomacy has been maintaining the policy of strategic ambiguity. This means not declaring whether its military would intervene to defend Taiwan if the mainland Chinese decide to capture it by force.

The policy has been leaving Beijing guessing as to what the United States might do, thus debilitating any potential plans to try to attack and conquer the island.

China’s current dictator, Xi Jinping has been employing increasingly aggressive rhetoric, declaring a preparedness to “reunify” China, i.e. conquer Taiwan, by force if needed.

(White House)

Will US Fight China or Provide Taiwan With Defense?

Speaking before reporters, alongside Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday, Biden declared defending Taiwan from communist China is an explicit “commitment we made,” even though that is technically not the case.

He blasted the “idea” that Taiwan can be taken by China “by force.” Biden insisted that would “dislocate the entire region,” not unlike the situation with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The White House later quickly tried to rectify Sleepy Joe’s fresh diplomatic gaffe of him erasing some 50 years of a foreign policy of strategic ambiguity.

A White House official insisted, as cited by The Daily Mail, that Biden just continued the existing policy of being committed to “One China peace” in the Taiwan Strait, along with the commitment to give the Taiwanese the “military means” to defend themselves from Communist China.

Except what Biden said was the US military is certain to get involved in fighting with China if the latter decides to go for attacking Taiwan. Communist China was quick to react.

The spokesperson of its Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, declared his country “has no room” for accommodations or compromises on its “sovereignty and territorial integrity”, i.e. the inclusion of Taiwan in Beijing’s direct domain.

In March, Biden stirred a similar though, still somewhat smaller, diplomatic mess by declaring in Poland that Putin has got to go as leader of Russia.

This was a statement on a matter that is no joke. The Russian tyrant has just been revealed to have suffered through an assassination attempt as his troops have been mauling Ukraine.