Biden’s Approval Collapses on Inflation, Economy, Crime, Liberal Poll Finds

Empty Shelves Joe keeps collapsing in public approval ratings. (Shutterstock)

Naturally, the crises being brought about by the Biden administration aren’t going unnoticed by the American public. Most Americans are experiencing first-hand the effects of skyrocketing inflation, the supply chain failure, and the spiking crime rates.

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s public approval ratings have been going down for quite a while now, even among potentially biased liberal-leftist pollsters.

However, the latest poll numbers show Biden collapsing even further.

Biden-flation Disaster

According to a poll by ABC News and Ipsos, Biden’s performance on inflation has the disapproval of a whopping nearly 70% of Americans. The approval is placed at 28% – although, even that low number seems questionable.

The disapproval is a whopping 94% of Republican voters, 71% among Independent voters, and even 54% among Democrat voters.

That is hardly surprising, considering that in November 2021, with an inflation rate of 6.8%, the United States suffered its worst consumer price hikes in almost 40 years, since June 1982.

In early November, a poll by USA Today, whose results were still judged as possibly being skewed to the left, put Biden’s overall approval rating at 38%.

In its release on its poll with Ipsos, ABC News only cites the figure of Biden’s composite approval rating of 43%, according to FiveThirtyEight, which media pundits agree skews to the left as well.

The latter seems unrealistic, considering how bad the economy has been going, not to mention the illegal immigration crisis, foreign and security policy, or the preeminent COVID-19 pandemic.

The policies of the Biden administration appear to only causing greater and greater crises. (Shutterstock)

A total of 57% of Americans are reported to disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economic recovery.

Slim Majority Approve of Biden’s Mandates

According to the poll results, a majority (53%) of Americans still approve of how Sleepy Joe has been handling the coronavirus pandemic.

However, ABC News points out even in that case, the positive rating for Biden is still the lowest it has ever been since he took office in January.

The poll findings further state that exactly 51% of Americans support the introduction of vaccination mandates by the Democrat president. However, the implementation of these mandates has been stopped by lawsuits.

Biden’s mandates were also recently rejected by the Senate with two Democrat senators joining 50 Republicans. At the same time, roughly 70% of Americans are found to believe mask mandates need to remain in place, or even become stricter, based on the ABC News / Ipsos survey.

With violent crime, including homicides, skyrocketing in many major American cities, Biden’s approval on tackling the hiking crime rates was found to be at 36%, a decline from the 43% the same poll measured at the end of October.

On Sleepy Joe’s handling of gun violence, the new approval figure is 32%, down from 39% in October. On climate policies, the ABC News survey found 51% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s actions, although 81% of Democrats approve of them.

According to the same poll, 55% of Americans view negatively Biden’s handling of relations with Russia; only 38% (down from 49% back in June) actually trust him to negotiate on behalf of the United States with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.