Arizona Governor: Biden ‘Worst President’ on Illegal Immigration

The situation with unbridled illegal immigration across the southern border remains horrendous.

Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican in charge of the state of Arizona since 2015, told Fox News’ “Your World” Biden has been the worst president when it comes to having to deal with illegal immigration

Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s strict border security policies incentivized illegal migrants to keep flocking to the southern border and crossing it on a daily basis.

‘Completely Non-Responsive Biden Administration’

The Arizona governor emphasized he worked with three different presidents – first Obama, then Trump, and now Biden. Ducey described the Biden administration as “the worst”  when it comes to tackling illegal immigration.

He further said Sleepy Joe’s administration has been “completely non-responsive” to the state authorities in the calls or even pleas for help and solutions to cope with the illegal immigration surge.

Some 1.7 million illegal immigrants were detained in the US in the 2021 fiscal year, which ended on September 30; the vast majority of those entered the country after Joe Biden entered the White House.

Governor Ducey also put forth an immediate solution to the lingering huge border crisis, as America’s border communities have been swamped with migrants.

The solution provides for getting rid of Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, with the Arizona governor issuing a strong call for his immediate resignation. Ducey said even though Mayorkas did travel to Phoenix, Arizona’s state capital, he has been “hiding from the border.”

Mayorkas didn’t even visit the border areas; never mind that thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants are showing up, crossing the Mexican border, and going into the US every single day.

Arizona’s GOP Governor, Doug Ducey, has blasted the Biden administration for its completel abandonment of the illegal immigration issue. (Flickr)

Ducey further made it clear he had no doubts the rushing of illegals to cross the border and settle into the US is due to the “policies” of the Biden administration, especially as Empty Shelves Joe and VP Kamala Harris demonstrate an all-out “lack of attention” and “seriousness.”

Drug Cartels Taking Massive Advantage of Migrant Crisis

The governor of Arizona, however, emphasized the unprecedented invasion of the southern border and the United States by migrants isn’t bringing only spiking numbers of illegals. It has become a gigantic drug smuggling operation, a real boon to Mexican organized crime cartels.

Ducey complained since the state lacks the authority of the federal government in order to carry out Title 42 expulsions justified by the coronavirus pandemic, the cartels have been “taking advantage of this”.

In his words, Mexican organized crime is utilizing the “humanitarian crisis” in order to smuggle vast amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl into the United States.

Then, they “surge” the drug supplies all over the country, striking schools and neighborhoods everywhere, far beyond the border states.