Biden Told Obama He Will Be Running for Reelection

(White House)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden revealed a secret-of-sorts before his ex-boss Barack Obama when the two had lunch together recently.

Biden revealed to Obama his intention for the 2024 presidential election.

The BIG Secret? Sleepy Joe’s Confidence

Biden plans to run for a second term in the White House, despite his old age, and the doubts about his health, cognitive abilities, and mental situation.

However, the “big secret” purportedly revealed by him to Obama, according to a report by The Hill, is that Biden is truly bent on seeking reelection.

This is regardless of any potential obstacles, such as his health or his already collapsing popularity.

Biden apparently embarked upon an effort to “let everyone know”, a seeming reference to private conversations with other senior factors in the Democrat Party.

The source reveals “Biden’s analysis” is he thinks he would be able to defeat President Trump, who is widely expected to try to make a White House comeback in 2.5 years.

This conviction on Biden’s part is thus “the biggest factor” behind his firm intention to seek reelection in 2024 when he will be almost 83 years old.

(Video snapshot shows Biden lost and ignored during Obama’s White House visit)

Biden Seems Set on Problematic 2024 Reelection Bid

During a recent visit to Poland, Biden claimed he would be happy to have Trump as an opponent in the presidential election once again. This is seemingly showing confidence that he would prevail over Trump.

Biden’s own proposition, however, seems to be highly problematic for a number of reasons, including the seeming symptoms of senility that he exhibits all the time.

That includes the event when his lunch with Obama was apparently held. The event on the anniversary of Obamacare saw the former president come to the White House for the first time since he left office in January 2017.

However, Obama’s White House stint in question was a double humiliation for Joe Biden.

Fans, politicians, and staff flocked to Obama, leaving Biden completely ignored and isolated. Then, he suffered another embarrassing “senior moment” as he looked confused and wandered around aimlessly.

More recently, however, on Monday, during the Easter Egg Roll of the White House, Biden experienced another double humiliation. He was first “ushered” by the Easter Bunny, a dressed-up White House communications official, and also told exactly what to do by his wife, Jill Biden.

The obvious displays of senility on Biden’s part are leading growing numbers of Americans to wonder whether he does really suffer from dementia.

At the same time, though, there have been rumors that Michelle Obama might seek the 2024 Democratic Party nomination.

The increased public activity by Barack Obama – who is otherwise busy enjoying his luxury life – may have something to do with that.