Biden to Stimulate Drug Addicts with Safe Sites, ‘Racial Equity’ Crack Pipes

The Biden administration is taking measures that are supposed to alleviate rampant drug addiction problems, but will instead enable drug addicts in their consumption of narcotics.

The measures in question are the establishment “safe sites” for heroin addicts to inject themselves and the distribution of crack pipes, which is supposed to ensure “racial equity.”

Both of these measures harbor the potential to normalize drug addiction and turn it from something morally wrong into a widely “socially acceptable” choice and behavior model.

These measures are still under review by the Justice Department, with the second measure poised to move forward.

Safe Consumption of Heroin, Courtesy of Biden

According to a report by the Associated Press, the DOJ is now “signaling” being open to allowing “safe injection sites” so addicts can keep drugging themselves without dying of “fatal overdoses”.

The Department of Justice told AP it is considering secure injection sites for drug addicts and discussing the “appropriate guardrails” with regulators.

The new woke stance of the DOJ under the Biden administration is reversing the position of the Trump administration. Trump’s Justice Department won a lawsuit against the opening of a “safe consumption site” in the city of Philadelphia.

The court ruled such a drugging place would break a drug law against crackhouses, which makes the operation of a venue for the consumption of illegal drugs unlawful. In October 2021, the US Supreme Court refused to review the ruling, letting it stand.

However, New York City opened two “safe injection sites” justified as “overdose prevention centers.” There are staffers to monitor the drug consumption and supplies, which can be applied to reverse overdoses.

In its statement to the AP, the Biden Justice Department declared it is presently “evaluating supervised consumption sites”.

Safe Consumption of Crack and Meth, Courtesy of Biden

The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is finalizing a grant program of $30 million. This will be allocated to local governments and nonprofit organizations to buy and distribute pipes for crack to folks addicted to drugs.

The tens of millions of taxpayer dollars will be spent within a larger “Harm Reduction Plan.” This would allow crack and methamphetamine addicts to be “safe” when indulging in the consumption of illegal narcotics.

The DHHS told the Washington Free Beacon it will start doling out the federal funding in May; grant recipients will use it to buy “safe smoking kits and supplies”.

According to the plan of Biden’s Health Department, once those “kits” are handed out to crack and meth addicts, they will make the drug addicts safer and promote “racial equity”.

Another benefit of the federally funded crack pipes is supposed to be prompting drug addicts to “smoke,” instead of injecting themselves with meth, which is a lot more dangerous.