Biden Suffers Big Blow on ‘Voting Rights’ Bills, as Sinema Backs Filibuster

On Thursday, Biden practically admitted his two, much-touted “voting rights” bills are now dead on arrival.

A key Democrat senator, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, forcefully declared herself against killing the filibuster in the Senate in order to pass the two highly controversial pieces of legislation.

For all practical purposes, this development represents another major defeat of Biden’s agenda.

Bizarre ‘Voting Rights’ Bills Now DOA

With their extremely slim majority in the evenly divided Senate, for Democrats to pass any bills is conditional on the standing of any single Democrat senator.

This gave moderates, such as Manchin and Sinema, great leverage over the party and the Biden agenda.

Speaking on Thursday night, after two meetings with Democrat senators, including Sinema and Manchin, Sleepy Joe admitted in what he called an “honest to God answer” that he doesn’t “know” if he can get his agenda passed.

Biden vowed “to be fighting” for his agenda, so long as he remains in the White House, as cited by the Associated Press.

Biden and the Democrat Party’s desire to pass what they call “voting rights” legislation appears to be very politically motivated. It is designed to provide Democrats with technical and procedural means to secure future electoral victories.

To top it all off, the Democrats and Biden himself keep trying to portray the issue as though somebody – namely, the GOP – is trying to strip certain Americans of their rights to vote, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sleepy Joe Left Empty-Handed and ‘Not Sure’

Earlier on Thursday, Sleepy Joe went to the US Capitol in Washington, DC to meet behind closed doors with Democrat senators.

Late on Thursday, Biden had another meeting with moderate Democrat senators: Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

In an emotional speech from the Senate floor, Sinema declared she isn’t able to back what she called a “short-sighted” change of the filibuster rule.

Sinema called for saving “our democracy” by addressing “the disease of division” both in the nation and in the US Senate, instead of changing the filibuster rule so her party can pass certain bills.

Sinema’s stance against the “carve-out” of the filibuster appeared to remain unchanged even after her meeting with Biden in the White House.

Another key Democrat moderate, Joe Manchin, issued a statement to that end.

In his statement, the West Virginian commented that using a filibuster carve-out would be “the easy way out.” Therefore, Manchin said he wouldn’t be in favor of “such a perilous course” for the United States.

With Sinema and Manchin’s opposition to ending the filibuster leaving Biden’s “voting rights” bills neither here nor there, Biden’s speech on Thursday night sounded increasingly pathetic.

The president kept saying, “we missed it this time” but can possibly try passing it another time. At the same time, Biden kept adding, “I’m not sure” whether the legislation in question could even be passed.