Biden States That He Has Cancer in Shocking Revelation or Gaffe

(Social media footage snapshot)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has thrown a new bombshell revelation – or a new giant gaffe – as he declared he and many other Americans “have cancer.”

That Present Simple Tense

Sleepy Joe was giving a speech announcing his new executive order for fighting climate change worth $2.3 billion.

Biden was in Somerset, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, when he divulged the shocking piece of information about his own health.

The revelation that he has cancer came as he was trying to reference his own experiences in order to expose the environmental and health harms from oil refineries.

In the speech Biden gave while visiting a shutdown coal power plant, he tried to recall his childhood in Delaware, claiming that he and many of those from his childhood now “have cancer.”

The president’s childhood home was in Clayton, Delaware, which has indeed been the site of several oil refineries.

Sleepy Joe recalled his mother drove them to school and had to use the wipers to remove the “oil slick” from the car’s windshield.

Apparently, Biden’s cancer admission is yet another one of his gut-wrenching gaffes. He appears to have been referring to the past, rather than the present.

Empty Shelves Joe did have several non-melanoma skin cancers before he became president, which were removed.

His physician, Dr. Kevin O’Conner, revealed in his report on Biden’s heath that the  president continues to be monitored for cancer lesions. However, at the time, in November 2021, there were no suspicions of skin cancer.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Biden as a ‘Cancer to America’

Gaffe or no gaffe, Sleepy Joe caused gigantic turmoil on social media by stating he has cancer, particularly by using the present tense.

Countless social media users, who reacted immediately to his words, wondered whether he does indeed have cancer or was just being senile by blurting out untrue claims.

Tom Bevan, the founder of RealClearPolitics, said Sleepy Joe’s comment in Massachusetts may be the “biggest bombshell” or “the biggest gaffe” in the history of the US presidency.

Beverly Hallberg, a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, quipped that one shouldn’t really say they have cancer when one doesn’t.

Tim Young, a Washington Times columnist, had a particularly biting reaction as he suggested that perhaps Biden was trying to say “he, himself” is actually a “cancer to America.”

Ellen Carmichael, a political consultant, fumed that Sleepy Joe isn’t just “misspeaking,” but this is another one of the “fabulist talking points,” with which he has been getting away with over the years.

Journalists from mainstream leftist media – such as Sam Stein from Politico, and Glenn Kessler from The Washington Post – defended Biden, arguing that he was just referring to his past experience with skin cancer removal.