Biden Stands with ‘Iranians’ in Botched State of the Union Speech

Ukrainians, Iranians, does it matter?

Apparently, it doesn’t matter to President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden. He made such a botched mistake that even gaffe-prone Kamala Harris could be seen prompting him and mouthing words from behind.

The Most Overt Gaffe

It is precisely Joe Biden’s leadership, foreign policy, and security weakness (best demonstrated by his apocalyptic loss of the war in Afghanistan) that emboldened Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin to strike Ukraine.

Hearing Biden’s ridiculous gaffe (in which he called Ukrainians “Iranians”) must have been very disheartening for the Ukrainians and their plucky leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

They are placing so much hope on America, while heroically withstanding Putin’s war terror campaign that is killing their young children.

It’s therefore little surprise that the word “Iranians” began trending on Twitter immediately after Biden’s ludicrous gaffe.


Sleepy Joe Even Deviated from the Script to Warn Putin

Biden’s confusion of Ukrainians with Iranians made anything he said about the war in Ukraine sound less than serious. However, the Democrat president did spend the full first 12 minutes of his address talking about Putin’s criminal invasion of Russia’s democratic neighbor.

The president declared that Putin “underestimated” the resolve of both the Ukrainian nation and of the United States and its allies to resist Russian aggression and punish Moscow for it.

Stating the Russian autocrat “has no idea what is coming”, Biden announced a new punitive measure over the invasion of Ukraine. This namely deals with the closure of American air space to all Russian aircraft.

Sleepy Joe concluded that by Putin launching his all-out attack on Ukraine, and thinking he could jolt the solid foundations of the free world, Putin “badly miscalculated”.

Biden’s State of the Union speech further dived into how the Russian leader “never anticipated or expected” the Ukrainian people would stand their ground.

Putin apparently never believed the brave people of Ukraine would resist the Russian invaders. Yet, on the other hand, the West is going to rally to punish the aggressor, which is Putin.

The punishments include far-reaching financial sanctions, various types of aid for Ukraine, and even cutting off Russia from SWIFT, the global banking transaction network.

Biden then touted Western unity. He did this by saying the measures have been supported by the US, all 27 member states of the EU, plus Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and even Switzerland.

As he remarked Putin “has no idea” what might be coming his way, Joe Biden actually deviated from the script of his SOTU speech.

The speech was attended by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova. He was given a standing ovation by all US lawmakers as a show of America’s recognition of the bravery of the Ukrainian people.