Biden Says Children Belong to Teachers, Backing Twisted Communist Policy

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden achieved a sickening brand-new low in his efforts to impose totalitarian Marxist-Communist policies on the American people.

He wants to virtually decouple American children from their parents, and ascribe their entire upbringing to radical left, Marxist, woke instructors.

Biden is the Vehicle for Far-Left Domination

The radical, neo-Marxist left has recently been utilizing the K12 educational system and weaponizing lefty teachers in order to brainwash America’s youngest and most innocent people.

The key tenets that leftist extremists are bombarding American children with are “critical race theory” and “gender ideology”, in which children are instructed and pushed to change their gender.

That’s not even mentioning America’s college campuses. Leftist professors outnumber the rest 15 to 1, according to some estimates.

Freedom of thought, speech, democracy, and capitalism are coming under vicious attacks, too.

As more and more regular American parents are resisting the twisted Marxist-Communist excesses of the far left, Democrats and the Biden administration are increasingly removing their masks of basic human decency.

Biden demonstrated that more overtly than ever before on Wednesday. He literally declared that American children belong to the “teachers”, as opposed to their parents.

Sleepy Joe hosted the ceremony for the 2022 Teacher of the Year awards at the White House. He used that to position himself firmly behind the wannabe-totalitarian progressivism which claims children belong to the educational system, not their families.

The notion in question is highly reminiscent of the teachings of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. They extolled children or teenagers who literally betrayed their parents in favor of the Communist Party and the totalitarian state.

Kids Are ‘Yours’ – Not Their Parents

“They are all our children,” Biden declared during the 2022 Teacher of the Year awards, as cited by The Daily Mail. Then, to better drive home his message, Biden added these “aren’t somebody else’s children”.

Biden directly went after both parents and Republicans on the state level, across the nation. These people are trying to shield the nation’s children from indoctrination into highly flawed critical race theory and the made-up “gender” ideology.

In his speech, Sleepy Joe accused “politicians” of seeking to “score points” by “banning books,” simply because they don’t “fit” their “political agenda.”

He was naturally oblivious to the fact it is the “agenda” of the extremist left that is trying to alter the very notions that created the most successful democracy in the history of humanity, that being the United States of America itself.

Even more bizarrely, the president called for an end to making children “the target of culture wars.” He called for this even though it is the neo-Marxists who have been doing that, with the Democrat Party also joining in on this.