Biden Reveals He’s Scared of MAGA-Led Republican Party

(TV snapshot from CSpan)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden criticized the Republican Party in a new tirade which reveals his seeming morbid fear of the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement spearheaded by President Trump.

Biden’s admission of how scared he is of a MAGA-led GOP comes against the backdrop of his slumping ratings.

Trying to Paint GOP as ‘Evil’ and ‘Ugly’

Speaking in Seattle on Friday, Sleepy Joe tried to tear into the “MAGA party.”

Biden, who recently had to be ushered by the Easter Bunny, declared today’s GOP isn’t “your father’s Republican Party”, stressing this is “not a joke”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Sleepy Joe tried to slam the “MAGA party” as a “different breed of cat,” in which the people who “act correctly’ – perhaps a reference to those who act in favor of Democrats and Marxist extremism – will get “primaried.”

The Democrat president’s comments came after the leaking of a tape in which House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says he scolded Trump after the January 6, 2021 storming of the US Capitol by pro-Trump protesters.

In his speech in Seattle on Friday, Biden demonstrated he was highly concerned by the “MAGA-dominated” Republican Party’s ability to primary politicians known on the right as RINOs, i.e. “Republicans in Name Only.”

Bizarrely enough, Biden’s comments on Friday about the Republican Party were a parroting of what he said about the GOP on Thursday.

This is when he tried to blast Republicans for the strong action taken in Florida by GOP lawmakers and Governor Ron DeSantis against Disney, once the envy of the whole world, but today a painfully woke corporation.

Speaking at a yacht club fundraiser in Portland on Thursday afternoon, Biden slammed the Republicans as “ugly” for taking a stand against the woke Disney company, which attacked Florida’s new education law.

According to Sleepy Joe, the GOP isn’t “even conservative” anymore in the “traditional sense” of the term.

However, Biden did seek to portray the Republican Party as evil because it’s “going after Mickey Mouse.”

(TV snapshot from CSpan)

Touting Questionable Democratic Unity

In his speech in Seattle on Friday, Sleepy Joe also sought to downplay the internal rifts and inside failures of the Democrats.

He claimed there’s been tremendous unity in the Democrat Party because 48 out of 50 Democrat senators have been supporting him, and “only two senators” don’t vote with him “occasionally.”

Because of that, Biden claimed there is “virtually no splitting” of the Democrats.

He was clearly referencing key Democrat dissenters, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who managed to kill his $3.5 billion “Build Back Better” communist spending plan last fall.

Biden seemed to ignore the fact that a certain number of Democrat senators sharing Manchin and Sinema’s misgivings decided to remain in the shadows.