Biden Outrages Friends, Foes by Declaring ‘No Federal Solution’ to COVID Pandemic

Biden scandalized his supporters, allies, and political opponents, as he declared there isn’t a “federal solution” to the pandemic, which must be fought at the state level.

Never mind Biden’s repeated vows to “shut down the virus.”

Biden’s Hypocritical Failure to ‘Shut Down the Virus’

Sleepy Joe made the scandalous comment on Monday during a call with US state governors. He was seemingly trying to shift some of the responsibility and blame off himself.

Biden declared the key factor for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic should be resolution “at state level”, instead of the “federal response” he touted during his race to be president.

During his campaign events in 2020, Sleepy Joe repeatedly and famously declared he would “shut down the virus,” not the US economy.

However, in the past few months, Biden and his stooges have been slapping COVID-19 mask mandates and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This helped bring about a labor shortage and a horrendous supply chain crisis. That, in turn, caused inflation to spiral further.

After making the bewildering declaration during the call with the governors on Monday, Biden ended up being subjected to scathing criticism from both the left and the right.

Representatives of Republican governors, in particular, are outraged the Biden administration has been slapping vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

Sleepy Joe Gives Up

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, tweeted a video of Biden’s campaign promises to “shut down” coronavirus. She remarked the year that has passed since then seems to have made a great difference.

In a brief release posted on Twitter, the official account of the Republican Party reminded  of Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus”. The GOP added that a year later, Biden has “failed to do so”, and is now arguing there’s no “federal solution” to the pandemic.

“Biden is a hypocrite,” the GOP declared, reminding of a rather well-established truth about all Marxists, socialists, and communists. In fact, hypocrisy is one of their most defining features.

Tim Murtaugh, a former communications director of the Trump campaign, said Biden’s declaration about a state-level solution to COVID is “not at all” the promise he campaigned on.

US GOP senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton tweeted in turn that Sleepy Joe is only seeking to “avoid the blame” for his incompetence. Cotton added if Biden truly believes what he says, he must rescind all of his COVID-19 measures.

Leftist critics also reacted vehemently to Biden’s words. Peter Dauo, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, tweeting succinctly that “Biden gives up”, apparently referring to his will to fight the pandemic.

Biden’s highly controversial comment about “no federal solution” actually came after Asa Hutchinson, the GOP governor of Arkansas, called upon him not to take action that may encroach on states’ own abilities to “fight the virus.”