Biden Mulls Sending 50,000 US Troops to Counter Russia in Eastern Europe

Biden might be reversing his brand of 1930s-style appeasement of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who has been threatening to attack Ukraine.

His administration is now considering new US military deployments in NATO member countries that could reach up to 50,000 troops.

Possible Major Shift from Appeasing Putin

Up until now, Sleepy Joe has largely been playing the appeasement game with Putin, allowing him to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas transit pipeline to Germany, a major future cash cow for Moscow.

Needless to say, Biden has failed to dissuade Putin by threatening him with more economic sanctions.

In fact, Putin’s regime became so emboldened that it issued impossible demands for the US and NATO.

Top-level geopolitical negotiations with the Russians this month have produced no breakthroughs.

Now, the Biden administration may take at least a somewhat tougher stance. On Sunday, it sent its first shipment of unspecified lethal weapons to the Ukrainians to help them counter a possible Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken refused to rule out potential “US military involvement” in Ukraine.

According to the latest reports, Biden is considering deploying between 1,000 and 5,000 additional US troops to Eastern Europe. This number could increase to 50,000 troops if security worsens.

The new American military deployments will also include military airplanes and warships.

The most likely destinations of the new US deployments would be the three small Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Biden is alleged to have been presented the Eastern Europe military build-up plan by Pentagon officials during a Camp David meeting over the weekend.

The summit was called specifically to go over America’s “military options to deter” a potential invasion by Russia of Ukraine.

According to the report of the NYT, Biden is going to make a decision this week on the potential expanded US deployment near Russia.

Other NATO Members Chipping in as Well

Unlike the vast troops the US had stationed during the Cold War to deter a Soviet attack, America has only small-scale military assets deployed to Poland and Romania, plus some rotational units in Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Oleksii Reznikov, announced on Sunday night the government in Kyiv received an 80-ton shipment of weapons from the United States.

He thanked “our friends in the USA” for the arms that would “strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities.”

Other NATO countries from Western Europe also announced readiness to increase deployments of troops and military assets in Eastern European NATO countries near Russia.

France said it was ready to deploy troops in Romania under NATO command. Denmark vowed to send F-16 jets and a frigate to Lithuania.

Spain is to send a frigate to the Black Sea and Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets to Bulgaria. The Netherlands said it was sending F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria, starting in April.