Biden Mimics Putin as Doomsday Planes Showdown Bodes Poorly for Peace

(Social media footage snapshot shows Putin's Ilyushin IL-80 aircraft flying above the Kremlin for the 2022 military parade)

After spending his first year appeasing Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden is now mimicking the murderous Russian dictator by seemingly gearing up for a nuclear apocalypse.

Putin and Biden have shown off their special doomsday planes against the backdrop of worries that the West and Russia have come closer than ever to nuclear war.

America, Russia Closer Than Ever to Nuclear War

Concerns are growing that tensions between Moscow and the United States are likely to cause nuclear war.

Tensions have spiked against the backdrop of Putin’s botched, but bloody, invasion of Ukraine.

The growing fury at failure to beat Ukrainians led Putin and many of his regime stooges to issue brand-new nuclear war attack threats against the West.

The so-called Doomsday Plane of the US president, a relatively unknown sister plane of Air Force One, was seen in photos during a refueling exercise in southern California, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Showing off the Doomsday Plane appears to mirror a similar move by the regime of Vladimir Putin earlier this week. Putin’s own nuclear apocalypse plane, for the first time, took part in military parade drills over Moscow.

Why the Biden administration decided to mirror the Doomsday Plane move of the Putin regime remains unknown.


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Biden Releases Photos in Response to Putin’s Flyover

Putin’s nuclear war plane has been preparing to fly over the “Victory Day Parade” in Moscow on Monday, May 9.

Eight MiG-29 Soviet-Era fighter jets joined the rehearsal by forming a “Z”-formation. The latter was chosen for some reason to mark the invasion in Ukraine and featured on most Russian tanks and vehicles.

It is possible that the letter “Z” is actually two “7s”, one on top of the other, to mark this year’s 77th anniversary since the capitulation of Nazi Germany.

Some of the Russian armor and vehicles in Ukraine, notably those invading from the north, have been marked with “Vs”, likely meaning “victory.”

Putin’s latest nuclear war threat against the West was last week; he threatened that Russia will attack anybody who interferes with the war in Ukraine.

He vowed a lightning strike, a likely reference to the recently tested Sarmat or “Satan 2” nuclear-capable missile.

Interestingly enough, the refueling exercise for Joe Biden’s Doomsday Plane, E-4B Nightwatch, of the Edwards Air Force Base in California, occurred in April.

However, photos of the drills were released by the Biden administration only on Wednesday, seemingly in response to Russia latest moves in that regard.

The US Air Force has a total of four Doomsday-type Boeing 747s, each costing $223 million. They date back to the 1970s and can remain in the air for up to a week, but require refueling every 35.4 hours.