Biden May Send Kamala to Ukraine Border to Frighten Putin  

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has failed in his blitzkrieg invasion of Ukraine; he is now bombing the hell out of the Ukrainian civilian population.

Joe is ‘Weaponizing’ Kamala Against Putin

With the gaffe-prone, seemingly senile Sleepy Joe being hardly suited for in-person power projection, at least the 57-year-old Harris is a lot “feistier” than the 79-year-old Biden.

Several days before Putin sent his armed-to-the-teeth hordes to murder Ukrainian children, women, and men, Kamala actually went to represent the United States at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

There she seemingly failed to scare the Russian autocrat out of attacking Ukraine, despite her touting the threat of sanctions, after admitting Putin already made up his mind to invade.

As of Friday, nine days into his terrifying war in Ukraine, Russian dictator Putin is getting nowhere. The Ukrainians have already killed more than 9,200 Russian troops and taken out dozens of Russian aircraft, and hundreds of tanks.

More than 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees, mostly women, children, and elderly people, have already fled Putin’s hordes by reaching Ukraine’s neighbors to the West: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.

All of those nations, except for Moldova, are US allies in the NATO alliance, as well as members of the European Union, the rich and democratic European countries.


Sending Sleepy Joe is Just Not an Option

According to a report by The Hill, the Biden administration is really seriously considering a trip by Kamala Harris to either Poland and Hungary, or Poland and Romania, key US allies in Europe near a Russia-mauled Ukraine.

According to the unnamed Biden administration sources, a potential trip to the region by Kamala Harris could also include paying visits to US troops stationed in those countries as a precaution against a Russian attack and a visit to the Ukrainian border.

According to the source, a Biden visit would be way too much of a trouble to arrange; it is described as a “heavier logistical lift”.

At the same time, the vice president is “historically more nimble”, the source said while noting that the veep’s figure also offers “a smaller footprint”.

While Kamala met during that forum with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy (who has since risen in the eyes of the entire world with his courageous leadership), she doesn’t seem to have had any kind of a major diplomatic impact even among American allies in Europe.

On Thursday, Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken embarked on a six-day trip to Europe that will see him visit Poland and Moldova, two of Ukraine’s refugee-saving neighbors.

During his visit, the secretary of state will also see the three Baltic States threatened by Russia, plus Belgium, whose capital Brussels is the seat of the US-led NATO alliance.