Biden Makes His Biggest Mess Yet in Dealing with Putin

(CSPAN footage snapshot of the moment when Biden stated in Warsaw that Putin cannot remain in power)

Joe Biden may as well be firmly intent on causing World War III between the United States and Russia.

He is going from one bewildering gaffe to another, just as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is looking for an opening to strike at the West, amid the slaughter of Ukrainian civilians.

In an apparent top-level blunder, Sleepy Joe openly called for the one thing that Russian autocrat Putin fears the most: “regime change” in Russia at America’s initiative.

What Putin Has Been Fearing the Most

Since invading Ukraine, Putin’s military has been failing miserably; yet, he has still set a “Victory Day”, which is rapidly approaching.

Meanwhile, Biden spoke in an impassioned speech in US ally Poland on Saturday. This came after meeting with Ukrainian refugees. In his address, Sleepy Joe declared “this man”, i.e. Putin, “cannot remain in power.”

The remark was apparently unscripted – like so many of Joe Biden’s embarrassing gaffes. However, this gaffe is dangerous because it is very likely to turn the Russian autocrat into a bigger dead-ender than he already is.

To top it all off, Biden’s de-facto call for regime change in Russia came a day after he  gaffed by telling US troops they will go into Ukraine.

This is precisely the step the Biden administration has been seeking to avoid. It could trigger “World War III” and even a nuclear war that may destroy humanity.

Biden’s Staffers Can’t Catch a Break

Biden’s White House staff had barely managed to disprove his initial gaffe as it rushed to convince the Russians – and the American public – that no US troops are going into Ukraine as the war is raging.

Sleepy Joe’s “independent-thinking” mind, however, had another surprise for them when he declared Putin “cannot remain in power.”

The new “surprise” had Biden’s staffers frantically denying America wants or is trying to achieve “regime change” in Russia

Even before Biden got back on board of Air Force out of Poland, his staffers started to deny that the US is seeking to topple Vladimir Putin.

A White House official cited by The Daily Mail was quick to claim “the president’s point” was the Moscow autocrat can’t be allowed to wield power over Ukraine or US NATO allies in Eastern Europe. This is certainly not what Biden said.

Despite the denials by Biden’s aides, Putin’s regime got the message of Sleepy Joe’s wandering mind. The first to react on Russia’s side was Putin’s own press secretary, hardened Kremlin operative Dmitry Peskov.

He declared whether Putin is in power in Russia “isn’t up to” the American president or “up to Americans,” but it is instead up to the people of Russia.

Biden’s words may discourage Moscow from de-escalating the war in Ukraine. They may also boost Putin’s inclination to “fight to the finish” – which could mean World War III and/or an all-ending nuclear war.