Biden Makes Even Bigger Gaffe, Reveals US Training Ukrainian Troops in Poland

President Joe Biden has long been known as a gaffe machine. Yet, as of late, his gaffes are threatening to cause a nuclear war that would obliterate humanity.

Sleepy Joe is Getting on Putin’s Nerves

In his latest gaffe – which came as he was trying to rectify the preceding one – Biden revealed by mistake that US troops based in Poland are now training Ukrainian troops how to fight Russia.

At the end of last week, Biden visited Poland, the most important US ally in Eastern Europe.

Biden went there to reassure Poland and the other now democratic, pro-Western members of NATO that America will stand with them in the face of potential Russian aggression.

However, instead of supporting the US allies more tangibly, Sleepy Joe was just on fire when it came to making gaffes that can doom humanity to a nuclear Holocaust.

Biden first gaffed when speaking to US troops based in Poland, telling them they would witness war crimes committed by the Russians when they go to Ukraine.

After his administration corrected the comment, Sleepy Joe had more doomsday gaffes in stock. In a speech in Warsaw, he argued Putin cannot be allowed to remain in office, creating the appearance that America’s official policy is regime change in Russia.

As he spoke about his 2023 draft budget earlier this week, Biden made a new gaffe, which his entire administration is now busy furiously backpedaling.

Biden’s Next Gaffe May Cause a Nuclear Holocaust

Biden recalled in Poland, he was talking to US troops about how they are “training the Ukrainian troops in Poland.”

His slip of tongue is the first time the US government publicly admitted there are Ukrainian service personnel that are getting training in Poland to fight Russians, and US troops based there are involved with that training.

The official revelation is Biden’s third gaffe in several days that carries the potential to infuriate Putin, leading him to escalate the war in Ukraine by attacking NATO member states, such as Poland or the Baltic states.

Sleepy Joe’s revelation about the US’ role in backing Ukraine in a more direct way was also dismissed by Gen. Tod Wolters, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe.

He spoke in a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Wolters declared he doesn’t believe the US is presently “in the process of training” Ukrainian military forces in Poland.

He acknowledged there are Ukrainian liaisons in Poland who are getting “advice” from the US. In his words, “that’s different” from training.

In a statement to Politico, the White House declared Biden – in his apparently gaffe – “was referring to” the fact “there are Ukrainian soldiers” in Poland and “interacting on a regular basis” with American troops.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration said Putin is trying to fool the world with his promise of a military drawdown in Ukraine.