Biden Lies For the 7th Time with Weird Railroad Story

(Social media footage snapshot)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has really outdone himself in terms of bizarre and lying behavior.

He just told the American public a weird fake story about him and an Amtrak conductor for a whopping seventh time.

Biden’s Story

Biden’s “my Amtrak conductor buddy” story involves people who weren’t around anymore.

Sleepy Joe keeps telling it whenever he wants to promote the need for transportation infrastructure development, sometimes slightly changing the details.

To top it all off, the story has been publically proven false by none other than CNN.

In a nutshell, Biden’s fake Amtrak story is about how much he traveled by train from his home state of Delaware to Washington, DC.

Sleepy Joe claimed his Amtrak conductor friend, Angelo Negri, was conversing with him. However, the latter actually passed away in 2014 and retired much earlier.

Angelo Negri, a conductor on the Amtrak line that Biden frequented in his 37 years as a member of the United States Senate, retired in 1993, and passed away in 2014.

(Social media footage snapshot)

The Latest Version

In the latest version of his untrue Amtrak story, Sleepy Joe recalled he was vice president and taking Amtrak “home” to see his mother who was living with him.

It was a Friday. His conductor friend, Angelo Negri, walked to him and grabbed his cheek. At this point, Biden thought his Secret Service detail would shoot the Amtrak employee; so he said “he’s a friend.”

Biden exclaimed it’s a “true story”, as he kept recalling untrue events. He “recalled” Negri read in the newspaper the then-vice president traveled more than one million miles by plane since becoming Obama’s veep.

Then, Negri, in Biden’s latest account of this alternative universe, calculated the Democrat traveled about 1.2 million miles by train just in his senator years.

At this point, Biden concluded because of this story, he “know(s) a lot about trains.”

That was the seventh time and version of the Amtrak train conductor story that Sleepy Joe has told the American public.

In June 2021, CNN interviewed Olga Berz, Angelo Negri’s stepdaughter, who confirmed her stepfather and Joe Biden were indeed friends from the latter’s frequent commutes between Delaware and Washington, DC.

However, she also provided the real timeline of the conductor’s retirement and passing. That means Biden is either confusing Negri for somebody else, or he is completely mixing up the dates and years.

In the different versions of his story, his mother is either alive in 2015 when he reached the milestone of one million miles of air travel as vice president…or he reached that milestone before she died in January 2010, both of which are blatantly false.

Biden’s “my Amtrak conductor buddy” story is another harrowing indicator, hinting at the 79-year-old president’s declining cognitive capabilities.