Biden is Stealing America’s Oil

It all started when California Democrat Ro Khanna, going against many, said he disagrees with Biden blaming Putin for our current crisis.

Khanna noted the current disaster in the economy, especially with regard to rising gasoline prices, can’t just be put on Putin.

Back on May 3, Khanna previously said we also need to take a close look at corporate practices and big oil companies will be penalized.

This is typical Democrat-speak. Though recently, Khanna raised the issue that Biden should stop sending oil abroad if he wants to bring down prices at home.

Now, the true scope of how much oil Biden is exporting has come to light and it’s shocking.

Exporting Oil Everywhere But America

Khanna may be a far-left Democrat, but he’s right to criticize Biden for shipping our oil abroad.

The Biden administration has supported releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve abroad, while our country’s economy has been stunned by record inflation and high gas prices.

Once again, we see Biden pointing his finger at Putin and Russia when the real enemy is staring at him right in the mirror.

Instead of liberating oil to be used in the tanks of American vehicles, Biden has been sending shiploads of it to China!

In fact, the US is now one of the main exporters of oil products to China. I wish I was making this up.

Exporting Oil to China

In June alone, five million barrels of oil went to Europe and Asia. This included 470,000 for Italy, along with other hundreds of thousands of barrels destined for the Netherlands, China, and India.

Meanwhile, about one million barrels released per day of the emergency reserve should be used by the US. This would reduce the price of fuel and benefit the entire American population.

Khanna’s change of position is quite sudden. About two months ago, he defended Biden tooth and nail and blamed the oil industry for rising prices.

The following month, he apparently decided to stop being a bootlicking lackey and admit Biden is the problem here.

It’s good he’s doing this; it’s especially good to see the resistance to Biden start coming from within the Democrat Party.

Our country is in trouble and we need all the help we can get to turn things around.

Why Are We Exporting?

While the rest of us are worrying about fueling up, Biden is trying to cozy up to China and send them oil!

We hear every day about the disadvantages of oil from Biden and the left; it produces air pollution, hurts the environment, and leads to tapping out resources.

Likewise, that’s how Biden is for us. He has caused pollution in his party, degradation in our country’s economy, exhaustion for the population, and his resources as president are all tapped out.