Biden Had to Run For His Life in Emergency Evacuation From Beach Home

(Photo by Bo Erickson of CBS News shows Biden's motorcade pulling into the Rehoboth fire station)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden was just forced to literally run for his life in an emergency evacuation from his beach house in Delaware.

This happened after the unexpected approach of a small aircraft.

44 Minutes Inside a Fire Station

The emergency evacuation was implemented in a rush after a light airplane entered the airspace above Joe and Jill Biden’s beach home in Rehoboth, Delaware.

This was treated as a threat by the presidential security team, The Daily Mail reported. The incident, which occurred in the early afternoon on Saturday, was subsequently confirmed by a spokesperson of the Secret Service later in the day.

Sleepy Joe and his caretaker-in-chief, First Lady Jill Biden, were rushed to a nearby fire station as the safest location in the area.

Two fighter jets of the US Air Force were scrambled to respond to what could have been a potential attack on the president. Fighter jets did actually escort the intruder away from the restricted airspace over the beach house of the Bidens.

According to the Secret Service spokesperson, a preliminary probe into the incident has shown it occurred “by mistake,” and the intruding aircraft never posed any threat to Biden or his family.

Joe and Jill Biden were returned to the house later on Saturday. Witnesses saw Biden in the back of the presidential vehicle as his motorcade rushed him and his wife away from the beach home.

According to information that emerged later, the presidential motorcade brought the Bidens to the fire station in Rehoboth at about 12:45 pm, with security removing bystanders from the area.

The motorcade then took Joe and Jill back to their beach house, leaving the fire station at 1:29 pm, 44 minutes later.

(Photo by Bo Erickson of CBS News shows the inside of the Rehoboth fire station where the Bidens were taken)

‘Dramatic Response’

While they were in the fire station, the Bidens stayed inside the car. Susan Lillard, a local resident, told CBS News she witnessed a small white plane flying above the location of the president’s beach home.

She also saw the two fighter jets of the US Air Force that arrived shortly in a “dramatic” response to the situation.

The Bidens were in the latter property in order to celebrate the first lady’s birthday on Friday.

Joe Biden didn’t have public events scheduled for Saturday, which is why the presidential pool of reporters wasn’t part of his motorcade that day.

As per flight restriction guidance of the Federal Aviation Administration, there is a no-fly zone with a radius of ten miles over a respective location when the president goes someplace.

This comes on top of a restricted zone with a radius of 30 miles.

Pilots are supposed to familiarize themselves with the restrictions before their flights; although similar incidents of breaching temporary no-fly zones have happened a number of times in the past.