Biden Gives Putin Blank Check to Invade Ukraine in Major Gaffe

During a recent press conference, Putin practically gave Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin a blank check to invade Ukraine.

Putin’s regime in Moscow has been trying to blackmail the West and the United States in particular by threatening implicitly to launch an all-war against US ally Ukraine.

Biden ‘Allows’ Putin ‘Minor Incursion’

Putin already launched targeted limited invasions of Ukraine back in 2014 when he reacted to a pro-Western presidential change in Kyiv.

Throughout 2021, Biden had been trying to appease Putin to no avail, as the Russian leader has been building up massive military forces all around Ukraine’s borders, seemingly preparing for a full-scale attack.

As the US intelligence said recently, a Russian attack on Ukraine could be expected any moment now. Sleepy Joe several times tried to dissuade Putin by threatening crushing economic sanctions against Russia.

During his press conference this week, Biden committed a major gaffe, outrageously untying the hands of the Russian autocrat to commit an “incursion” against Ukraine; or, as Sleepy Joe was specific enough to put it, “a minor incursion”.

Biden then went into confusing clarifications by saying, in his view, Putin doesn’t want to wage a “full-blown war” on Russia’s neighbor, but also “guesses” the Moscow strongman “will move in.”

Then, Biden sunk into categorizing the ways in which Russia can invade Ukraine, suggesting if there is a smaller-scale invasion, then there will be a smaller-scale response by the United States and its allies from NATO.

Immediate Backpedaling by the Biden Administration

The “minor incursion” comment has quickly appalled the Ukrainians, as well as America’s allies and those in the United States who care about deterring Putin’s aggression and defending our allies and standing.

A senior Ukrainian official reacted swiftly by telling CNN “this remark” from Joe Biden was greenlighting Putin’s potential invasion of Ukraine “at his pleasure”.

The disastrous comment left Biden’s administration rushing to clarify his words and do immediate damage control.

Biden’s White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, moved quickly to issue a statement that Biden had been “clear” that any “renewed” Russian invasion of Ukraine would bring about a “swift, severe, and united” reaction by the West.

She also tried to cover for Sleepy Joe by arguing that he is aware of how “the Russians” have a huge “playbook of aggression” through means other than direct military action.

At one point during his press conference, Biden sounded almost apologetic of Putin’s aggressiveness and extortion by saying the Russian autocrat has been trying to find “his place in the world” and this place is “between China and the West”.

Another report revealed Putin’s military building up around Ukraine has been far more extensive and in-depth than the Western publics have cared to notice.