Biden Denies His Own Climate Expert for Political Gains

President Biden went against his own hurricane expert to promote his progressive climate agenda.

Biden claimed the recent hurricane in Florida was due to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Top climate experts suggested tying Hurricane Ian with climate change is a premature assertion.

Dems Promoting Their Own Agenda Amid Natural Disaster

During his visit to Florida, Biden stated the Colorado River looked like a stream during Hurricane Ian.

Likewise, Biden asserted Hurricane Ian should convince everyone there is no doubt about climate change. So, Biden continued, America needs to do something to avert climate change immediately.

Biden was not the only Democrat who tried to promote a climate change narrative in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar even suggested people can avoid more hurricanes by voting for Democrats in the next month’s midterm elections.

However, different experts have established Hurricane Ian is not due to carbon emissions.

While talking to CNN on September 27, Biden’s own hurricane expert, Jamie Rhome, stated this is not the right time to talk about climate change. Rhome is an acting director at the National Hurricane Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

When CNN’s anchor Don Lemon asked Rhome if Hurricane Ian was due to climate change, Rhome pushed back. According to him, it is not a good approach to tie climate change with one specific event.

Although climate change is intensifying storms, it is not a good assertion to claim any specific event is the result of climate change, Rhome added.

Dangerous Hurricanes Now Less Frequent 

Similarly, an NOAA study found out it is too early to conclude man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the reasons behind any hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

One energy expert, Michael Shellenberger, who is also a founder of a climate change group, said there are no long-term trends that suggest hurricanes are rising. In fact, some types of hurricanes have been declining since 1900, Shellenberger added.

Some climate experts also told Fox News that blaming climate change for Hurricane Ian is the negation of scientific principles.

James Taylor, the president of a pro-science think tank, Heartland Institute, stated blaming greenhouse gasses for the hurricane is the politicization of the issue. This is eventually discouraging the government from helping needy people in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

In addition to that, Taylor claimed these types of hurricanes were more common before the invention of coal-fired power plants and the usage of fossil fuels in vehicles.

Another climate policy expert, Gregory Wrightstone noted many Democrats are just trying to propagate their green agenda without worrying about the sufferings of people who are directly impacted by the negative consequences of Hurricane Ian.

This type of progressive agenda, Wrightstone continued, is only present to promote renewable energy resources that will put the whole economy at risk.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.