Biden: America Will Defend Taiwan, White House Retracts His Statement

In a question and answer session on Sunday night, President Joe Biden said if China strikes Taiwan, the U.S. military will go to war with communist China. The White House soon pulled back this claim.

White House, Biden Not on the Same Page

The interview took place with left-leaning journalist Scott Pelley for CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” when Biden made the comments.

“Putin visited with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the same day that Pelley and I had spoken to the president,” Pelley remarked while narrating.

“What must Chinese President Xi understand about your support for Taiwan,” Pelley questioned Biden.

Biden Stands Against China

Biden answered that America will abide by the agreements we made in the past.

“There is just One China policy and Taiwan specifies its own level of autonomy. We aren’t changing; we don’t support their independence. They make that choice; we don’t.”

“Yet, might American forces protect the island?” Pelley inquired.

Biden answered if there really was an extraordinary attack, America would protect the island.

Pelley claimed, following the interview, a White House representative informed the program that American policy had not shifted and they could not confirm the U.S. military will protect Taiwan.

Pelley pressed that he would like to be explicit: American Forces, American soldiers, and American citizens would protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese attack.

Biden confirmed for him again, “Yes.”


Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the day that we spoke with President Joe Biden. There are worries that China would invade Taiwan as a result of Russia’s efforts to compel Ukraine’s integration.

Since 1979, U.S. policy has been to acknowledge Taiwan as a part of China while remaining silent upon whether U.S. military will support the island’s democratically elected government. This is one of the topics in our interview that spark debate.

So what must Chinese President Xi learn about your support for Taiwan, asks Scott Pelley.

President Joe Biden: We still stand by the commitments we made in the past. Taiwan determines its level of independence on its own, and there is only one China strategy. We aren’t changing; we don’t support their independence. That’s not something we do; it’s their call.

Pelley: But would American forces safeguard the island?

Joe Biden, the president:  Yes, if the assault was completely unprecedented.

A White House representative informed us after our discussion that American policy has not shifted. The U.S. would not independently confirm if American military will protect Taiwan. The head of state, however, held a different opinion.

Mr. Scott Pelley:  To be precise, sir, American forces, American soldiers, and American citizens would protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion?

Joe Biden, the president: Yes.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.