AOC Seeks to Unseat Fellow Democrat Opposed to Illegal Immigration Tsunami

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), commonly known as AOC, is setting out to try to unseat a fellow House Democrat who dared to criticize Biden’s agenda of unfettered illegal immigration.

Punishing a Fellow Democrat for Having Common Sense

AOC is now actively targeting Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, one of the few common-sense Democrats, at least when it comes to illegal immigration.

In August 2021, Cuellar teamed up with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to pen a letter to Biden in order to demand a crackdown on unbridled illegal immigration, increased border security, and the appointment of an effective “border czar.”

Apparently, a desire to defend the borders, national security, integrity, and sovereignty of the United States from an invasion of third-world migrants doesn’t sit well with Ocasio-Cortez.

One of AOC’s two favorites in question is Jessica Cisneros, who is eager to unseat Rep. Cuellar. Back in 2020, Cuellar defeated Cisneros in the local Democratic primary by four points.

Cisneros also lauded Ocasio-Cortez and bragged that the highly questionable admirer of Marxism-Communism is prepared to work for “true representation” in Congress of families from South Texas.

Offended AOC Thinks She’s a Great Campaign Asset

AOC’s announcement on Twitter made it clear she will be addressing a “double rally” on February 12 in Texas; the other progressivist hopeful for Congress she is supporting is Greg Casar.

Last week, AOC already endorsed Casar, praising him for being a great “labor organizer” and vowing to do all she could in order to help him win the Democratic primary in Texas’ 35th Congressional District, which is set for March 1.

Casar himself declared that he is honored by the noisy Marxist’s endorsement because she “boldly fights” for working families.

Prior to that, AOC questionably called upon fellow Democrats to use her and other progressives for campaigning, evidently considering herself a great electoral asset.

In spite of the criticism of far-left radicalism by even the likes of Hillary Clinton, as critics believe this is what lost the Democrats Virginia’s gubernatorial election in November, Ocasio-Cortez appears to have arrived at the opposite conclusion.

For her, the Democrat Party was more moderate in Virginia than it should have been.

Never mind that analysts from all sides of the political spectrum are ascribing the victory of Republican Glenn Youngkin to the extreme push for far-left, Marxist policies, such as critical race theory, in school curriculums.

In her comments since November’s gubernatorial vote in Virginia, AOC made it clear that she is offended by her party because progressive participation in the election wasn’t wanted or asked for.

A couple of days ago, AOC, who is known for her unabashed pro-communism stance, posted on social media a tirade in which she called for the abolition of capitalism.