AOC, Bernie Sanders Make Fiery Commie Couple at Amazon Union Rally

(Social media footage snapshot)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders demonstrated an outpour of affection for one another as they descended together to State Island, New York.

This visit was to hold fiery speeches in support of workers unionizing at Amazon facility.

AOC Uses Workers’ Rally to Adore Bernie in Public

The communist duo came to support workers from the JFK8 fulfillment center on Staten Island. Three weeks ago, they voted in favor of joining the Amazon Labor Union, a body seeking to extract job security guarantees and higher pay from Amazon.

Their participation in the State Island Amazon workers’ rally on Sunday saw the two of them march together. AOC and Sanders spoke from a makeshift stage with lots of hand motions, and even passionately hugged it out and kissed on that same stage.

In her speech, AOC attacked Amazon for still refusing to recognize the pro-union result from the State Island workers’ vote, as cited by The Daily Mail, whose report emphasized that she was looking at Bernie Sanders “adoringly.”

AOC is known, among other things, for killing a plan of Amazon to build a new headquarters in Queens, which is in her congressional electoral district.

She vowed undying support for the Amazon Labor Union and its workers until an all-out triumph over the corporate giant happens.

Together with Sanders, AOC lauded the Staten Island workers for establishing the first successful union drive at Amazon across the nation.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Fighting ‘Our Oligarchy’ All Over the Country

The other communist stalwart in attendance of the rally, Senator Bernie Sanders, praised the workers for “taking on” one of America’s mightiest corporations.

Bernie went on to declare the union drive on Staten Island is sending a message of defiance to “our oligarchy”, and encouraging all workers in the United States to stand up for their rights.

Both he and his youthful Marxist protégé, AOC, touched upon their view that the union drive was just a small step towards a bigger effort for the unionizing of many more Amazon facilities throughout the nation.

Sanders, in particular, lamented the present-day situation in which he claimed “working people” keep “falling behind” as billionaires, such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, currently are growing richer and richer.

Thus, he repeatedly emphasized that “this struggle” is happening all over “this country.”

For the time being, Amazon is not only refusing to recognize the Staten Island union vote, but it is actually trying to overturn the election.

Among the demands of the newly formed Amazon Labor Union are spiking the minimum hourly wage from $18 an hour to $30 an hour, allowing workers more time off, and giving warehouse employees longer breaks.

Earlier this month, Amazon filed a request with the National Labor Relations Board and its Brooklyn office to overturn the election; on Friday, it added more material in support of its filing.