America’s ‘Good Men Are Doing Nothing’, Border Patrol Agents Charge

As the Biden administration allows unfettered illegal immigration, US Border Patrol agents have become absolutely outraged and demoralized at the same time.

‘Morale at All-Time Low’

This much has become clear from a leaked video in which a group of Border Patrol agents are confronting their boss, Raul Ortiz, the Border Patrol chief. The exchange occurred before the eyes of Biden’s woke Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

The video was leaked to the media by a Border Patrol source; it shows how the border agents cannot hold their outrage over the unbridled illegal immigration.

The entire exchange is weird, largely because Ortiz himself seems to tend to agree with the indignation of his colleagues; yet, at the same time, he is somehow trying to keep it down.

The Border Patrol chief did confirm during the meeting that the “morale” of the entire organization is “at an all-time low”. He also admitted the force is “losing too many agents” and called upon the entire organization to take “care of each other”.

Ortiz further acknowledged the frustration of the Border Patrol agents because they aren’t getting “the desired outcome”. Ortiz, however, insisted the current situation is no reason for the border agents to “give up”.

Ortiz went on a tirade that agents must “stay focused,” keep doing the job, and serve their mission.

Evil is Triumphing Under the Biden Administration

Border Patrol agents, in the video, seemed to communicate that it is hard to respect the Biden administration’s policies of resettling the third world inside America.

Then, other agents weighed in, clearly accusing the leadership of releasing criminal aliens into the United States of America. Ortiz later retorted the agents are getting trapped in both “the policies” and “the politics”.

However, more indignation poured out after that accusation, with the agents protesting the fact that Biden took it upon himself to ban the use of the term “illegal immigrants.”

At this point, Ortiz tried to glaze over the situation by saying nothing is going to happen to those who just used the “politically incorrect” term.

He then argued the agents shouldn’t be caught “in semantics”, as though calling things by their real names doesn’t matter at all.

That was when one border agent delivered invaluable words of wisdom. He stated a reminder that it takes “good men doing nothing for evil to triumph”.

He then added this is exactly the situation with unfettered illegal immigration. The unidentified border agent then accused the leadership within Border Patrol and DHS of allowing “illegal aliens” to just “be dropped off” into American communities.

Another agent then raised his voice to point out “under this administration”, the United States in 2021 registered its highest number of fentanyl deaths ever.