America’s First “Let’s Go Brandon” Store Has Opened

When Trump was president of the United States, leftists at all levels used every possible opportunity to push back against him. Democrat activists screamed for Americans to “resist” the Trump presidency at all costs.

However, the shoe is somewhat on the other foot now and Democrats don’t seem to like it. With Joe Biden in office, “Let’s Go Brandon” has become the rallying cry of many conservatives.

In different parts of the country, such as in Florida, Let’s Go Brandon has become so popular that the phrase is being sold on t-shirts in various beach stores and souvenir shops. Likewise, there are also plenty of online stores where people can purchase Let’s Go Brandon shirts, flags, etc.

However, in an amusing twist, Fox Business reports the very first Let’s Go Brandon store in America has opened up.

Reviewing the Let’s Go Brandon Store

In North Attleboro, Massachusetts, a Let’s Go Brandon Store has opened up. The merchandise includes various signs, hats, and t-shirts with the anti-Biden phrase. The popularity of Let’s Go Brandon also only increased as Biden becomes a more disliked president.

As it turns out though, other business owners are finding a way to make Let’s Go Brandon remain alive. The Minnesota-based Palubicki’s Family Market is selling various cookies with Let’s Go Brandon on them.

Meanwhile, months ago, there were reports of multiple gun manufacturers selling various AR-15s and firearm parts with Let’s Go Brandon on them. It’s very safe to say this PG way of dissing the 46th president will only keep going as Americans get more creative with it.

In November, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law legislation that bars COVID vaccine mandates throughout the state, he held the signing ceremony in the city of Brandon.

Moreover, when Biden traveled to Minnesota last week, he was greeted with various protesters waving around Let’s Go Brandon flags.

More to Come?

At the rate things are going, Americans should definitely prepare to see various Let’s Go Brandon displays across the United States. The country is not doing well with Biden’s leadership in office, thus driving the massive popularity of Let’s Go Brandon.

Last month, when the White House was questioned about whether or not Biden is aware of Americans chanting Let’s Go Brandon at various sporting games, press secretary Jen Psaki stated Biden doesn’t think much about it.

Nevertheless, Biden should be thinking about it, as it speaks volumes that a nationwide phrase against him has gained massive popularity less than one year into his term. The 46th president should open his eyes, be honest with himself, and then fix the crises he’s engendered.

Would you be willing to visit a store selling Let’s Go Brandon merchandise?