America Sticks It to Russia with Latest US Military Aid to Ukraine

(US Army photo shows the MC 1Q drone)

A freshly announced batch of American military aid for plucky Ukraine has seen the United States sticking it to aggressor Russia.

In a statement on Wednesday, President Biden officially made public the latest American military aid package for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s brave defenders have been holding off and beating back Putin’s hordes, not just on their own behalf, but also on behalf of the entire Free World.

What to Know About the Military Aid Package

The package in question is worth $700 million.

For the first time, it is going to include two American weapon systems that have the potential to be game-changers while Ukrainian defenders are showing mountains of bravery against the last-ditch push of the Russians.

In their calculations amid fighting off Russian invaders, Ukrainians have been particularly misled by Germany. Germany’s government has been holding off the delivery of promised, heavy military equipment approved by the German parliament two months ago.

Regardless of their difficulties, Ukraine’s defenders keep inflicting severe losses upon the Russians.

(Pentagon photo shows HIMARS system during tests)

Kremlin Fumes, But There’s Nothing It Can Do

In his statement on Wednesday, Biden announced the new batch of US military aid is going to arm Ukraine with “advanced weaponry and new capabilities.”

The two types of weapon systems Ukrainians are now going to get from the United States for the first time are HIMARS medium-range rocket systems, as well as top-notch US-made Gray Eagle Predator drones.

Ukraine’s leadership has been begging the Biden administration for a long time to supply it with the former, while the latter is a nice unexpected addition.

Both new weapons systems are bound to give Putin’s hordes a very bloody nose on the Ukrainian battlefields.

However, several days earlier, Sleepy Joe still cowered before Putin in a humiliating way by deciding the United States isn’t going to give Ukraine Multiple Rocket Launcher System and HIMARS with a range of 200 miles.

The rationale for that was Ukraine would be able to use them to strike targets inside Russia.

Never mind Russians are the ones who invaded and have been killing at will thousands of Ukrainian civilians, or that Russia’s interior military infrastructure is a legitimate target.

Besides the HIMARS and the Predator drones, the new US military aid delivery to plucky Ukraine is going to include more of the highly efficient Javelin anti-tank weapons, tactical military vehicles, Soviet-made helicopters, top-notch radar systems, and more.

The package infuriated the Putin regime, which is aware those are going to at least level the playing field in Donbass where the Russians still have missile and artillery superiority.

The Kremlin was unable to hide its frustration. Putin’s mouthpiece, press secretary Dmitry Peskov, aggressively accused the United States of “adding fuel to the fire” – and doing it “purposefully and diligently.”

Hiding Russia’s growing military weakness, Peskov refused to answer the question of what would happen if a US-supplied missile hits Russian territory.