America Kowtows to Putin, Cancels Ballistic Missile Test

The United States government, under the administration of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, has once again displayed weakness vis-à-vis Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

America just canceled a regularly scheduled test of American ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads.

The clearly projected foreign and security policy weakness on part of Joe Biden is credited with emboldening Putin, a perfidious KGB operative by vocation, to start the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

Biden’s Cabinet Fails to Learn Appeasement’s Lessons

Biden’s full-fledged lack of leadership has been best evidenced by America’s apocalyptic defeat in the Afghanistan war that he caused single-handedly.

Sleepy Joe and his administration appear to be doing the appeasement thing yet again.  They have now canceled a regularly scheduled test of Minuteman III, America’s nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The cancelation has been decided with the apparent hope of not provoking Putin.

The risk of dealing with Putin in this way is that showing conciliation and making concessions only emboldens the Russian tyrant. He considers those decisions signs of weakness and an invitation to attack.

After the Biden administration on March 2 – a week into Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – delayed the Minuteman III test, Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has now fully canceled it, clearly cowering before the Russian autocrat’s nuclear blackmail posture.

To Keep Putin Happy, ICBM Test Canceled ‘a Little Bit’

At the time when Austin first delayed the previously scheduled drills, Putin put Russia’s nuclear arsenal on high alert precisely in order to threaten and blackmail the West.

In response, the Biden administration didn’t respond. It didn’t even call Putin’s bluff.

At the time, a month ago, officials of the Biden administration argued there was a threat of miscalculation. They claimed that delaying “a little bit” of the Minuteman III test was one of those measures designed to decrease the nuclear war risk.

While Russia still wields the numerically biggest nuclear weapon arsenal in the world, America’s is just slightly smaller. It is considered on par when it comes to the MAD (“mutually assured destruction”) scenario known from the Cold War.

However, the exact efficiency and technical capabilities of the Russian nuclear forces remain a mystery.

It might not be on par with America’s, considering the staggering levels of blatant incompetence and terrible logistics displayed by the Russian conventional forces in Ukraine.

The seeming deficiencies of the Russian military had been so fully masked by Russian propaganda. Even top-notch US military experts remained utterly dismayed when the defenders of Ukraine turned Putin’s invasion into a meat grinder for his troops.

Even against that backdrop, the Biden administration has now inexplicably decided to once again cower before one of the most murderous tyrants, leaving him lots of space to maneuver instead of pushing him against the wall and disarming him.