Abortion Protests Left Justice Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Enraged

Neighbors of the Supreme Court’s conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh are fed up with the continuous abortion protests outside the justice’s house.

Most of them are now worried about their families, who are feeling insecure in the presence of radical protesters in the residential area.

Radical Protesters Frustrated Kavanaugh’s Neighbors

The Washington Post spoke to different neighbors of Justice Kavanaugh to measure their sentiments regarding the ongoing abortion protests.

According to the media outlet, seven out of eight surveyed neighbors of the judge are frustrated with the radical protests since the Roe v. Wade verdict of the Supreme Court.

Even pro-choice neighbors of Kavanaugh want protesters to stop the drama, which is disturbing the law and order situation in the residential area.

One of the neighbors, Lyric Winik, said the children are “scared to leave their homes,” due to the prevailing violent protests in the neighborhood.

She further stated protesters turn more aggressive when they are requested to stop their demonstrations. They call locals “fascists” and “Karens,” a term which is used to describe white women’s privileges, Winick added.

Likewise, Winick asserted these actions of demonstrators are damaging the pro-abortion movement all across the United States.

Another pro-choice neighbor of the judge, Emily Strulson, labeled these protests as “disturbing.”

Strulson has a long history of defending so-called reproductive rights; she has chalked “Reproductive Rights are Human Right” on a driveway outside her house. Previously, she participated in an abortion rights march with her mother in her school days. 

Though still, Strulson suggested the protests are turning so vulgar they should be stopped immediately. She told the Washington Post she had to leave her house with her family to avoid hearing the continuous yelling of the protesters.

Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Terrified 

Most of the neighbors preferred to give their opinions anonymously, due to the possible backlash of pro-choice groups against them.

Reportedly, some neighbors have even denied speaking to the media as they are too threatened by the radical protesters.

In some cases, locals have even tried to confront the demonstrators, who in turn threatened them with violence.

Last month, Fox News also spoke with various neighbors of Justice Kavanaugh and found them enraged over continuous violence in the area.

As per the neighbors, the protesters continue yelling “f— you” and “f— your children,” making the whole neighborhood unlivable.

When the Washington Post spoke to the troubling protesters, they claimed they were doing a favor to locals who live near Kavanaugh’s house.

Sadie Kuhns, a pro-choice activist involved in the protest, noted protests might contain “minor inconveniences,” but the anti-abortion ruling of the conservative Supreme Court created a long-lasting inconvenience.

This is not the first time that the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington D.C is making headlines.

Recently, a man was arrested outside Kavanaugh’s home and later claimed he came to kill the conservative justice.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.