A New Law Requires New Yorkers to Provide Social Media For Gun Permits

"Instagram and other Social Media Apps" by Jason Howie

A gun control law was passed in New York this Friday, allowing the state to comb through all your social media and internet history before continuing their standard firearm permit procedure.

With enough “evidence” against you, they could potentially deny your right to carry a gun.

The law in question requires each gun permit applicant to provide all of the social media accounts they’ve used in the three years prior to filing for a permit.

New York’s reasoning is this will allow the state to assess an individual’s character and behavior.

“Gun Wall” by Michael Saechang

TikTok account should be the only parameter for permit cancellation

What they didn’t disclose is what kind of social media content disqualifies one from receiving a permit.

This leaves a lot of room for Democrats to marginalize the right-leaning crowd with active social media accounts.

In fact, the state’s Governor Katy Hochul signed legislation Friday night, banning the carrying of firearms in, as she called it, “sensitive spaces.”

These sensitive spaces are public parks, Times Square, and churches to name a few. The legislation comes barely a week after the Supreme Court’s decision to redact a 100-year-old concealed carry law.

Hochul’s bill made it through the State Senate and Assembly in a matter of days, obviously pushed by Democrats “gunning” for tighter gun control and policies that do little to actually lower the state’s ridiculously high crime rates.

What’s more, the bill was signed late into Friday night, making little to no room for proper review or criticism to set in, considering the state just updated its gun permitting system.

A dystopian gun control system

The new legislation requires applicants to demonstrate “essential character” and judgment skills.

New York says these are necessary benchmarks to be entrusted with a firearm capable of inflicting lethal force and to use it without endangering one’s self or others.

However, anyone willing to stand for their 2nd Amendment rights isn’t too happy with the bill, claiming it to be an underhanded method for turning down anyone applying for concealed carry.

It’s gotten to the point where officials like Andrew Dorr of the New York State Firearms Association are claiming the bill to be one Gestapo himself would be proud of, with predictions of it being struck down in the near future already surfacing.

The Supreme Court already struck down a number of New York’s shortcomings when it comes to respecting Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

It brought an end to a corrupt system that allowed officials to deny gun permits arbitrarily.

As of the most recent ruling, the state of New York is now legally required to issue licenses for anyone who’s lawfully allowed to purchase and own a firearm; although additional restrictions were slapped onto this by Hochul’s legislation.

The president of New York State’s Rifle and Pistol Association, Tom King, called Hochul’s actions a trampling of the Supreme Court’s decision, adding that concealed carry becomes obsolete by the legislation she’d signed on Friday.