A Full View of Our President’s Cognitive Decline

"biden" by John Hawkins

We were all pretty much convinced Biden’s gone off the rocker long ago.

However, without conclusive evidence to support such a theory, one couldn’t really go out and say it without repercussions, but those days are over.

Apparently, our senile president’s cognitive ability back in 2020 during his presidential campaign was already at the point where he had to be fed pills by staff under the watchful eye of his wife Jill.

Biden needed this in order to function properly during his speeches, if “properly” is the right word here.

“The Hon. Barack H. Obama” by Charles McCain

Ronny Jackson sheds light on Joe’s health

What’s more, reports show this hasn’t ever stopped since then, meaning Joe’s been pilled up every time he had to make a public appearance; although we have yet to uncover the name of this mystery drug.

Naturally, we have a right to know what sort of medicaments are being used on the country’s president.

The purpose they’re being used for is serious, as the man in question is the head honcho of one of the greatest economies and military forces in the entire world.

This becomes even more imperative if we take into account some word-of-mouth reports from staffers who claimed him to have behaved “like a small child” before the drugs were administered.

They said Biden was impossible to communicate with, albeit that part hasn’t changed all that much.

Tucker Carlson was among the first to open this hot topic. He immediately called on former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who recently became a Republican congressman for Texas.

Is Biden capable of finishing his term?

Apparently, Jackson called for the initial cognitive screening of Biden way back in 2020, only to be near-instantly shut down by Barack Obama via e-mail.

Jackson believes this was because the Democrats were fully aware of what the results could do to Biden’s campaign.

In the e-mail, Obama starts off by praising Jackson’s skills as a physician, claiming him to have been both a commendable service member and a friend.

He switches to a hostile tone right after, calling Jackson’s tweet regarding the screening a “cheap shot” and unprofessional behavior.

Late into this week, Jackson came into the limelight once again, claiming in a tweet that Biden won’t be finishing this term due to both his health and lack of ability to run this country properly.

The midterm elections are right around the corner. It’s already looking up for the right-wing; although there’s still time for Democrats to push for one last-ditch effort to salvage their standing.

Biden’s approval rating isn’t helping though. It’s reached disastrous lows, which resonate even louder if we take into account that he’s the oldest president in US history, making his cognitive decline more of a matter of time than a surprise.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.