Four 2022 Global Security Challenges Kabul Joe is Ill-Equipped to Handle

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has been an occupant of the White House for 11 months now; he has already failed miserably in foreign and security policy on all major international geopolitical fronts.

The following are the top five most dangerous foreign policy and international security challenges that a Biden-led United States is already facing and which are likely to become far more threatening in 2022.

  1. Russia vs. the US & NATO – over Ukraine and Beyond

Sure, today’s Russia is smaller geographically, has twice fewer people, and no official doctrine to cause communist revolution in the entire world.

However, time and time again, it gets fat on revenues from oil and natural gas and is armed to the teeth with nukes and missiles.  The regime’s primary goal is its survival. Russia’s oligarchy regime is worried the West could inspire a regime change coup.

When Joe Biden took over in January, Putin began amassing troops and threatening to invade and destroy a pro-Western Ukraine – in order to extract concessions from the Sleepy Joe administration.

Biden lifted sanctions imposed by President Trump on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas transit pipeline from Russia to Germany; this will give Moscow and Putin’s oligarch a lot more steady revenues.

Putin is the kind of Eastern autocrat who responds to toughness, and sees concessions as weakness – meaning that with Kabul Joe at the helm as the “leader” of the free world, the entire West is in a lot of trouble.

  1. China vs. the United States and Its Allies over Taiwan

Communist China has always been a dictatorship, but since 2012, it has taken a far more authoritarian and international aggressive turn under its President Xi Jinping.

Xi already crushed Hong Kong into submission. It’s needless to say how dangerous Communist China is, having grown fat on US capitalists’ investments and technology transfers and theft.

Should Xi decide to invade Taiwan, the United States and its allies might have to intervene militarily; a military defeat at the hands of the Chinese could be truly devastating for the US.

Biden clearly can’t handle Chinese autocrat Xi, as the latter is becoming more and more aggressive. The possibility of Russia and China uniting against America is just frightening.

  1. Iran vs. the US and Israel, and the Iranian Nuclear Program

Iran, a former US ally, got swept by a radical Islamist revolution in 1979, and has been staunching anti-American since.

The development of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them by the Iranian regime led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei might signify the death of US ally Israel.

Israel is believed to possess nuclear weapons and the capability to strike back; the tiny size of the Jewish state could likely mean it would be practically obliterated if hit by a few nukes.

The potential rise of a nuclear Iran would not just endanger the actual survival of Israel, but would also wipe out America’s positions in the Middle East. It could cause America’s Arab allies in the Gulf States to renounce alliances out of fear from the Iranians.

This could torpedo the entire international legal regime for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and pretty soon, every medium-sized third world country could seek to acquire nukes.

  1. Radical Islamist Terrorism – Al-Qaeda or ISIS – Resurging in Taliban Afghanistan

America went into Afghanistan right after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York City and Washington, DC. This was the launch pad for Al-Qaeda as it organized them, having been given the logistics by the Taliban.

Biden completely humiliated America by surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban and put us in a situation vastly worse than it was before 2001.

Radical terrorist groups like ISIS, or the Islamic State, can use the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to organize and attack American targets anywhere, including on the American mainland.

The Taliban themselves were left with $86 billion worth top-notch US military equipment.


The global great power enemies America is facing are daunting indeed, but Russia, China, Iran, and Islamist terrorism are just some of them.

A small communist dictatorship, such as nuclear-armed North Korea, for example, can wreak havoc on global security all by itself.