Two Top ‘Defund the Police’ Democrats Carjacked in 24 Hours

Two senior members of the Democrat Party, who have been in favor of “defunding the police, have become the victims of carjacking crimes in broad daylight, within a matter of less than 24 hours.

Sponsor of the ‘Mental Health Justice Act’

The second and more high-profile of the two Democrats who seem to have fallen victims to their own outrageous, pro-crime policies is Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon.

Scanlon was carjacked in broad daylight on Wednesday at gunpoint, in the crime-infested city of Philadelphia.

Her own office released a statement, disclosing the brazen crime was committed around 2:45 pm on Wednesday in Philadelphia’s FDR Park, after she had a meeting nearby.

The release said the pro-Defund the Police Democrat got away “unharmed”, and she was thankful to the Philadelphia police for their “swift response”. Scanlon represents the 5th congressional district of the state of Pennsylvania, which includes a section of southern Philadelphia.

Local media reports said the US representative’s purse and phone were stolen, together with the car, a 2017 blue Acura MDX.

She was approached and threatened by two black males about 20-30 years of age. As she handed over the keys, one of them drove away in her vehicle; the other one followed him with another car.

Local police told FOX 29 earlier in December that carjackings in the city of Philadelphia have spiked by 80% in 2021, year-on-year.

Scanlon has become especially active in lambasting police brutality as a justification for “justice reform” and “police defunding” since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May 2020.

She is among the 125 Democrat co-sponsors of a controversial piece of legislation known as the Mental Health Justice Act; this teams up police officers with mental health specialists as first responders.

Reports have emerged subsequently that later on Wednesday night, Scanlon’s carjacked vehicle was stopped by police in the state of Delaware; five suspects found inside were arrested, Fox News reported.

It remains unknown whether any of them committed the actual carjacking.

Sponsor of State Bill to End Cash Bail

In the fresh case, in which a pro-“defund the police” senior Democrat became the victim of a carjacking, that was Kimberly Lightford, the Senate Majority Leader in the Illinois State Senate.

Lightford’s vehicle was carjacked on Tuesday night in Broadview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Reports said shots were fired in that case.

The Illinois Democrat announced in a statement that she and her husband, who was with her, remained “physically unharmed.” They thanked the local authorities and the police of Broadview.

The carjacking was committed around 9:45 pm by three masked subjects who approached in an SUV, according to Police Chief Thomas Mills. They got away with Lightford’s car, a black SUV Mercedes-Benz.

Lightford has been instrumental in the passage, among other bills, of an omnibus “defund the police” bill in Illinois in January 2021, which ended cash bail as one of its many pro-crime “justice reform” provisions.